Vesna Capital joins a $1M investment for Submix, a Polish-founded audio tech company

Submix, a San Francisco-based trailblazing audio technology company, has announced the closure of a $1 million pre-seed funding round. The company will use the investment to expand operations and its development efforts. The list of investors includes Angel Invest Ventures, SCNE, TSIC, and the Ukrainian-founded VC firm Vesna Capital.

About Submix

  • Led by the CEO Paul Jeszenszky, Submix is a music technology company aiming to streamline remote collaboration for musicians, producers, and audio pros worldwide. The platform enables users to create, share, and collaborate on music projects in real-time, regardless of what tools, software or operating platform they use.

Investment details

  • The fresh investment was supported by Angel Invest Ventures, a Berlin-based angel fund with over 50 investments per year, SCNE, a German VC fund backed by the entrepreneurs behind developer site Github, TSIC (Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company), a London-based venture capital firm, investing in pre-seed and seed stage technology and software companies.
  • Vesna Capital, an investment fund created by Andriy Fedoriv, Viacheslav Klymov, and Volodymyr Popereshniuk, is also one of the investors in the startup.

We have invested in Submix because they are building software that will bridge not one but two gaps in the Audio Tech space: geographical remoteness and software incompatibility.

Submix’s tech allows music and audio professionals to collaborate remotely in real time, seamlessly, and overcome network latency. This will improve local artists’ access to the global music and audio industries, enriching them and bringing down costs. The software will also allow for real-time collaboration between users of different Digital Audio Workstations — a feature unavailable for many DAW users until now.

Finally, behind Submix there is a brilliant team with extensive experience in audio tech engineering and deep connections within the music and audio industry. They are well-positioned to deliver on the mission they have set out for themselves,

Petro Sovyak-Krukovskyy, Investment Director at Vesna Capital, said in a comment for AIN.

According to Submix, the investment will help to accelerate its mission to streamline remote collaboration for musicians, producers, and audio pros worldwide, fundamentally changing their access to opportunities, and ability to make a living.