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On 8 July 2024, russia launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine, particularly on Kyiv. Among other things, missile fragments damaged the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. Some buildings of the medical facility were destroyed, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration.

AIN.Business has gathered information about Ukrainian businesses that are helping Kyiv residents deal with the consequences of the shelling.

Dnipro-M distributes gloves and tools to clear rubble in hospital

Dnipro-M, a Ukrainian company specialising in construction tools, is providing equipment to the people who are clearing the rubble of the hospital. Gloves are also being delivered to the nearest wards and to the site itself.

Social media user X @IamKrus has shared this in his post:

Socially responsible business is best manifested in times like these. There is @dnipro_m next to the Ohmadyt hospital. I ran in and said: give me all the gloves you have, we’ll sort out the money. They gave them to me, and after a while I ran back for more tools – they said that I didn’t have to pay for everything I took and that they were bringing more gloves from the nearest wards.

Water vending machines near Okhmatdyt are now free of charge

People can get free drinking water into their own containers at the following locations:

  • Fora, 27 Vyacheslav Chornovil Street, BWT Aqua. Drinking water aquabox No. 4025;
  • Fora, 16 Sholudenko Street, BWT Aqua. Drinking water aquabox No. 383.

Ukrainian business transfers money to Okhmatdyt’s account

Nova Post transferred UAH 1 million to the Children’s Hospital Charitable Foundation. The A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA and Vihola publishing houses donated UAH 400 thousand and UAH 20 thousand, respectively.

PrivatBank is allocating UAH 3 million to purchase the necessary equipment to restore the hospital’s destroyed building, as well as to purchase the necessary medicines and medical supplies.

Ruslan Shostak, co-owner of VARUS and EVA, also joined the fundraising campaign and donated UAH 1 million to the hospital.

ATLAS UNITED 2024, together with the Good Donations Children’s Charity Foundation, will donate funds to restore medical equipment. The fundraising was launched in June to buy medical equipment for the hospital, and now the funds will be used to restore it.

Ukrainian IT company Intellias has launched an internal fundraising campaign for UAH 400 thousand, and the company’s CEO will add another UAH 500 thousand.

Food and water from Ukrainian supermarkets for the victims

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Danylo Hetmantsev, thanked the Ukrainian chains ATB, Silpo, Novus, Auchan, Varus, and Kolo, which responded to the request to provide water and food to the victims. “An hour and a half later, the trucks were on the spot,” Hetmantsev wrote.

Cafe Maria collects food for children’s hospital

Fruits, fruit puree, pastries, and biscuits for children can be delivered to the cafe at 26/41 Pavlovska Street.

Kyiv bakery Bakehouse to donate 50% of its proceeds to Okhmatdyt patients’ needs

More than UAH 150,000 will be donated to children under the care of the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation. The Kyiv bar BGRNY will also donate 50% of its profits to the Tabletochki fundraiser.

Dobrobut provides free assistance to victims of the attack on Okhmatdyt

All Dobrobut ambulance crews are working at the scene. Those who were injured in the shelling of the Okhmatdyt and need medical assistance can contact the reception departments at the following addresses

  • 3, Simi Idzykovski str;
  • 12A Mykola Bazhana Ave.

Accounts to help the patients and staff of the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital can be found here. As of 15:00, the hospital’s CF has already raised over UAH 19 million.