The co-founders of Uklon invest $200k in Ailand Systems, Ukrainian developer of drones for demining

The co-founders of Uklon have invested $200,000 in Ailand Systems, a Kyiv-based startup developing autonomous drones for remote detection of mines and explosive device. This is the second public investment by Unbroken fund to support the development of Ukraine’s defense technology industry. AIN’s team shares the key details.

  • Ailand Systems is a Ukrainian defense startup specializing in the development of smart autonomous drones for detecting mines and explosive devices. Before to the full-scale invasion, the team was developing a drone for phytosanitary control of agricultural pests with the aim of reducing the use of toxic pesticides. However, with the start of russia’s full-scale invasion, they adapted their work for humanitarian demining purposes.
  • The company’s main product is the ST1 unmanned minesweeper, capable of quickly surveying large areas with detection accuracy comparable to human performance. Ailand Systems claims its drones could significantly accelerate this process, making it cheaper and safer for sappers.

Unbroken is an Ukrainian investment fund created by Uklon co-founders Dmytro Dubrovsky, Viktoriia Dubrovska, Serhii Smus, and Vitalii Diatlenko. The fund focuses on seed round projects that develop the defense tech industry. The total volume of the fund is $2 million. A month ago, they also invested $200,000 in Buntar Aerospace.

The current investment will help to improve the technology and set up production of ST1, which is being prepared for state certification.