Lithuanian healthtech Bear Room raises funding from DŌBRA

Bear Room, a Vilnius-based developer of a mobile app offering immediate stress relief, has raised a funding round of undisclosed amount and plans to address the growing mental health crisis. DŌBRA, developed by Lithuania’s Impact Venture Studio led the current round.

  • Bear Room develops an app to provide stress relief using techniques like EMDR, vocal practices, tapping, and breathwork. Since its soft launch, the app has garnered over 10,000 downloads. Bear Room’s unique approach stands out in the digital mental health space.
  • The app offers various exercises that users can complete in just 3-5 minutes via its interface where users can select comforting objects in a virtual room to begin their stress-relief exercises. The startup claims this approach provides an immediate and personalized sanctuary during stressful moment.
  • Bear Room added that it has a 31% monthly growth rate and a substantial increase in organic traffic. In the past month, Bear Room has observed a six-fold increase in users reporting severe psycho-emotional states during onboarding.

DŌBRA, the Lithuanian Impact Venture Studio, focuses on developing solutions for mental health being. Bear Room is the flagship product of DŌBRA’s mental health bunch, which includes other projects currently in the soft launch stage.

More than half of respondents of our surveys aren’t aware or use any self-help tools. And when people feel under pressure, stress piles up, leading to bigger crises and major life challenges. That’s why we decided to work with this topic of instant stress relief: to help people right here, right now.

says Jane Makarevich, product owner and co-founder of Bear Room at DŌBRA.

DŌBRA has raised over €500,000 for the development of its mental health startups, with Bear Room receiving a part of this investment. Bear Room currently focuses on coping, to help those with daily/chronic stress avoid further damage.

In the coming months, Bear Room plans to enhance its preventive aspects by encouraging users to integrate stress-relief exercises into their daily routines. Additionally, the app will introduce customization features, allowing users to personalize their virtual safe spaces to better suit their preferences and needs.