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Documents, an app created by Ukrainian company Readdle and downloaded by 75 million users. Here is the story of its team

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How Documents by Readdle team works

Documents is an iOS application of the Ukrainian IT-company Readdle, which helps to organize and optimize work with files of various formats. The product team jokes that while it hasn't changed the world yet, it helps others do so daily. And without exaggeration, it is true – the application has almost 15 million users worldwide: from schoolchildren and video bloggers to CERN scientists and astronauts on the ISS. And Documents doesn't plan to stop, the team has big plans and is currently looking for iOS developers to help make these plans a reality.

In a joint project with Readdle, AIN.UA spoke with the leaders of Product, Engineering, and Design about how the Documents team works, what drives each of them when working on an application, and what tasks future iOS developers will solve.

What Readdle is working on

The Ukrainian IT company Readdle develops applications that increase productivity and help optimize work processes for both ordinary users and businesses.

Its main products are well-known iOS applications such as PDF Expert, Calendars, Spark, Scanner Pro, and B2B solutions Fluix. They have already been downloaded by more than 190 million users from all over the world. But the company's more popular solution is Documents.

What makes Documents unique

”There is an app for that” was the slogan of the App Store in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced its launch. But today, there are so many of these applications that their quantity has long exceeded their quality. Documents is a super-app that combines many different functionalities. The users can be sure that with the help of Documents alone, they will be able to solve most of their problems without having to spend time searching for separate applications for each of the use cases.

This is a product for people who want to get the most out of their iPhone or iPad. The application reveals the full potential of Apple gadgets because with Documents on board, they become such an ultimate machine for productive work.

Eugene Plokhoj — Head of Product

Documents offers access to the
following features:

Documents team

Documents is developed by a Ukrainian team of product designers, product managers, testers, and developers. Readdle emphasizes that with the start of a full-scale war, the company did not stop hiring in Ukraine for a single day. During first three months, two QA testers and one iOS developer joined the Documents team. Now the company continues to recruit the latter – this position is open on a permanent basis.

The Product Designer, Product Manager, Product Engineering Manager (iOS), and Head of Product tell more in detail about the Documents team's work on Readdle's most popular product, which inspires and challenges as it develops, as well as how the app can be interesting for the future iOS developers.

Eugene Plokhoj

Head of Product

Explains why working on Documents is a unique experience

Vlad Stepanov

Lead Product Designer

Explains why design is where every development of a new Documents feature starts

Sergey Alpeev

Product Engineering Manager (iOS)

Talks in more detail about what future iOS developers in his team will be working on

Artem Azarov

Product Manager

Tells about the atmosphere prevailing in the Documents team.

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