01 June 2023
Ukrainian company Boosteroid launches in the US during the war
Ukrainian entrepreneur develops Chrome plugin using ChatGPT. Already making money
Skeiron digitalized Ukraine's cultural heritage: 3D tour of the Mariupol Drama Theater case
  • Russian ABBYY still works in Ukraine, and state agencies purchase its software
    “One dollar invested in drones causes $1,000 in loses for the enemy”: how Ukraine’s Aerorozvidka works
    Scammers create fake jobs in the name of IT companies to get candidates’ money
    Ukrainians do not receive payouts from Airbnb. It blames the banks, but the reason is the sanctions
    “Everyone in the West wants to buy Ukrainian products.” How Ukraine's Awesomic works during the war
    How Ukraine collects digital evidence of war crimes
  • How Russian propaganda lies: a case study of the Mariupol maternity hospital bombing
    How Ukrainian medicines delivery service develops in Poland, Romania, and Hungary
    How to grow and exit a business after 186 investor rejections: case of Honest Health, a startup with Ukrainian-British founders