30 September 2022
Ukrainian AcademyOcean won Google's grant. How the startup helps businesses to automate training for employees and customers
How Yera increases teamwork performance. Interview with startup’s co-founder
How Certific contributes to healthcare scaling worldwide. Interview with startup’s co-founder
How AI contributes to improving human interactions. The story behind deeptech Ender Turing
How Poland's democratizes e-grocery. Interview with startup's co-founder
How Georgian fintech conquers Indian and Philippine markets. Interview with Kernel co-founder
“Great Ukrainian product should enter global markets.” How birb was launched in London
Estonian IT entrepreneur Ragnar Saas has already delivered 60+ trucks to Ukrainian defenders. How it started
“We believe in Ukraine’s potential despite the war and losses caused by it,” Mykola Mykhaylov, Pracuj Ventures
“We will launch sales in the US soon”: How the startup Esper Bionics is working during the war
“Inglorious Basterds” on Ukrainian cyber front: how white hackers are fighting against Russia
“Defend the country and save the company”. How the Ukrainian startup Legal Nodes operates during the war
“There is a fraud risk in 50% of cases,” a Ukrainian hacker starts a cybersec business in Nigeria
Interview with co-founder of NEAR Protocol: how Ukrainian-developed blockchain creates Web3