13 June 2024
«We are launching one neobank in six months, and plan to reduce it to four.» Interview with Dmytro Dubilet on the $32M investment in Fintech Farm
«In this challenging landscape, we are one of the very few science-centric investors with a proven track record.» Interview with Inka Mero, founder at Voima Ventures
“We believe that the fund should provide, in addition to investments, a certain value and be a part of companies’ growth.” Interview with 1991 Ventures co-founders
Starlinks, mObywatel, Cyber Security, and support for Ukraine. Interview with Krzysztof Gawkowski, Minister of Digital Affairs of Poland
“Any evaluation of a Ukrainian company is now either a myth or some wild numbers.” Vitalii Gorovyi transforms InSoft.Partners into a group of companies. Why do he and his business partners need it?
«The Nordics are our home, but we take on a global front in spotting the unexpected.» Interview with Venla Väänänen,
“Our great goal is 30 new unicorns.” ZAS Ventures to develop its own syndicate and defense tech investment platform. Interview with Andrew Zinchuk
Interview with Lyubov Shipovich, Dignitas Fund: on charity, one million drones, and miltech
«I believe the Bulgarian Startup and VC ecosystem is one of the most developed ones in the region.» Interview with Zlatolina Mukova from New Vision 3
Ukrainian drone startup Buntar Aerospace raises $1M. Interview with the team
«The CEE market is full of potential, just waiting for the right investments to bring out the best in it.» Interview with Mariusz Adamski from ffVC
“Looking for money? Come to us.” Dmytro Vartanian, SID Venture Partners, on latest deals, plans for 2024, and winning pitch
A new investor is on the way. Interview with Choice co-founder Volodymyr Olyanitsky
«We’re very pro-Ukrainian. Now, I’m in Lviv. This is my choice. And building a company in Ukraine is also my choice». Interview with Yuriy Zaremba from AiSDR