28 September 2023
“We definitely are looking to increase our presence in Ukraine.” Interview with Borys Musielak from SMOK Ventures
From IT developer at 18 to CTO in the US at 22. The story of a programmer from a little town in Ukraine
“More and more foreign VCs are investing in companies with Polish roots.” Interview with Robert Grygorowicz from SpeedUp Group
“We raised $2.5 million during the war.” Interview with Zibra AI co-founder
  • “It isn’t easy to open a production facility in Europe.” Releaf Paper building a €3.5M plant in France
    “We don’t want to be a background for Instagram photos.” What Ukrainians bring to Burning Man 2023
    “Before the war, Ukraine was our third largest market.” Interview with Sacha Michaud, Glovo
    80 startups, $35M in investments: how ICLUB works
    Interview with Ukraine’s Anton Borzov: working at WhatsApp, being an angel investor, and launching a $100M investment company
    Ukrainians launch YEP search engine investing $60M. How will it compete with Google?
    How the facial recognition service Clearview AI helps to identify Russian war criminals in Ukraine
    monobank's co-founder launches the military UAVs production, $8M was invested
    With post offices in Poland and Moldova, a NovaPay branch in Lithuania: How Ukrainian post company is conquering the global market