02 March 2024
«The CEE market is full of potential, just waiting for the right investments to bring out the best in it.» Interview with Mariusz Adamski from ffVC
“Looking for money? Come to us.” Dmytro Vartanian, SID Venture Partners, on latest deals, plans for 2024, and winning pitch
A new investor is on the way. Interview with Choice co-founder Volodymyr Olyanitsky
«We’re very pro-Ukrainian. Now, I’m in Lviv. This is my choice. And building a company in Ukraine is also my choice». Interview with Yuriy Zaremba from AiSDR
«We are preparing a new fund in 2024, sized between €12-15M.» Interview with Jan Kasper from ZAKA VC
«We are not interested in investments with less than six zeros.» — Interview with Releaf Paper
“We won’t hold the line without people at the front.” Vladyslav Greziev from Lobby X on recruitment and problems in the army
«Backing early-stage companies in CEE – is sound and viable.» Interview with Presto Ventures
“Drones are sexy, but logistics, medical care, software, and communications are crucial.” Interview with Mathias Eklöf, investor in Ukraine's startups
“In the past few years, the market has overheated. Now it's getting back to normal.” Interview with Trind Ventures
“We're passionate about establishing a globally recognized company based in Poland.“ Interview with Certifier
“We want to be involved in Ukraine's startup ecosystem.“ Interview with Maciek Balsewicz from bValue
  • “It’s a tough market, but it's a good time to invest right now.” Interview with Tera Ventures