War in Ukraine

31 March 2023
Global tech companies and VCs still have hidden ties with Russia in 2022 — 7 cases and investigations
  • AOI rewards artwork about Ukrainian refugees' trauma... made by Russian illustrator
  • Stolen Ukrainian passports are sold on Russian service Avito
    Flashpoint to raise $75M for Ukraine-focused fund. It has close ties with Russia
    German author declined Russians' request for translation of his C++ book due to war in Ukraine
    European developer NetEnt lays off employees in Ukraine. What is known
    Volunteers and IT: How does it work? Let’s take ELEKS as an example
    Slush has revoked €1M prize for Russian-founded Immigram
    Immigram won €1M at Slush. It is Russian startup that assists Russian migrating to UK
  • “Using Russian “Z” symbol is now a violation”. Interview with a TikTok moderator