War in Ukraine

30 March 2023
  • «So that Russians could feel the war for themselves.» Interview with Ukrainians who hacked Mosoblenergo
    Web Summit invites pro-Kremlin propagandists as speakers. They spread fakes and justify the war in Ukraine
    GitLab provides services to the Russian army contractors — investigation
  • Playrix leaves Russia and Belarus after Putin's mobilization announcement
  • “60 units of Russia's equipment were detected in the first two days.” How ICEYE satellite helps Ukrainian Army
    “Our country grew bigger!”: Paratype CEO congratulated everyone on the annexation of Ukrainian lands
    NUKEMAP shows the nuclear weapons range: how to calculate
    AI-chatbot Replika raised over $11M investment from the US. Now it's spreading Russian propaganda
    “One day, Russian APCs came to our village.” Entrepreneur on his life under occupation in Kyiv suburbs
    Baykar drone plant in Ukraine — how it will look like?