Ukraine ranks 7th by number of visits to pirate websites with the U.S. topping the list

Analytical company Muso has presented a report on the number of visits to pirated websites, reports The company is engaged in the fight against illegal online distribution.

According to Muso, in 2018 pirate websites received over 189 billion unique visits. Users prefer to download the following video content:

  • 38% – TV shows and sitcoms;
  • 9% – movies;
  • 87% – music;
  • 49% – books and magazines;
  • 16% – software.

Most of all visits were recorded from the USA. Ukraine ranked seventh between Turkey and Indonesia:

  • United States – 17,380,038,844
  • Russia – 14,468,624,277
  • Brazil – 10,283,315,744
  • India – 9,589,665,210
  • France – 7,339,837,375
  • Turkey – 7,335,249,001
  • Ukraine – 6,126,077,097
  • Indonesia – 6.075,238,380
  • Great Britain – 5,750,562,133
  • Germany – 5,356,667,376.

In developed countries, the level of piracy falls, in the developing countries (Ukraine is also counted among them) it is growing. The only sector in which there is a trend towards an increase in legal consumption is music. This type of piracy fell by 34%.

Also, Muso noted the downfall of the torrents. They account for 13% of piracy. A large proportion (almost 60%) is illegal streaming. Another trend is the search bypass. Now people go to pirate websites by 10% directly, without the help of search engines.

The full version of the report can be purchased on the Muso website.

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