Cabinet of Ministers: IT companies can hire 5,000 foreigners under simplified rules

On February 26, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers issued a decree introducing a quota for the immigration of 5,000 foreign specialists. They will be able to get a job in Ukrainian IT companies, as the Ministry of Digital Transformation reports.

What is the immigration quota?

The immigration quota is the number of foreign specialists who can get an immigration permit through the course of the year. The department notes that the quota is easier than a work visa because the visa must be updated annually, while the person is tied to a specific place of work. Quotas allow them to be checked once in 10 years and choose for themselves where to work or even launch their product here.

What are the conditions for foreigners?

  • You can get a permanent residence permit.
  • No need to obtain annual permits to hire a foreigner.
  • Employment under the same conditions as for Ukrainians.
  • There is no reference to specific terms of stay in Ukraine, to specific work, and position.
  • It is possible to immigrate with a family to Ukraine.
  • It is possible to become a self-employed person.

How is the quota distributed among cities?

  • Kyiv – 2500 people
  • Kharkiv – 700 people
  • Dnipro, Odesa, and Lviv – 600 people each.

The government notes that such a decision should solve the problem of a shortage of IT specialists in the Ukrainian market.

“The demand for IT professionals far exceeds the potential of the domestic market. Every year, 15-17,000 IT specialists graduate from Ukrainian universities. At the same time, there appear about 40,000 job places for IT people in the country. In addition, some of the Ukrainian specialists leave to work abroad,” according to the statement of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

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