Ukrainians launch smart lamp on Kickstarter and reach the goal

Ukrainian team Gerus Design has launched a smart lamp Jadil on Kickstarter. The project was launched on February 18, and now it has collected more than $6,500 with a $5,000 goal. The crowdfunding campaign will end on March 24.

Jadil is a smart desk lamp with a futuristic design. It has three lighting sides, and also you can apply a logo to the front surface. It’s based on RGBW diodes. You can use a remote control or special phone app to adjust light modes, or also to connect the lamp to smart assistants from Amazon and Google.

You also can play music using the application or just turn on the microphone and the lamp will respond to sounds or music filling the space with light effects.

The price for Jadil on Kickstarter starts from $77, the first copies promise to be delivered in July 2020.