Ukraine enforces a quarantine: ban on events for 200 people, air travel restrictions

On March 11, 2020, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, some measures connected with the risk of coronavirus outbreak in the country were approved, as reported on the government’s official website. The official Facebook page of the Ukrainian parliament also reports about these measures.

Particularly, such security measures are envisaged:

  • closing of educational institutions;
  • banning public events for more than 200 people;
  • cancellation of air flights to some countries (this item was in the first version of the Verkhovna Rada’s message, now it has been removed);
  • closing of most of the checkpoints – only 49 will remain out of 219.
  • export of anti-epidemiological goods is banned until June 1.

The ban on mass events does not apply to those held based on state necessity. It will be possible to hold sporting events with the permission of international organizations, but without spectators.

These measures are taken until April 3, 2020.