Gradient creates ethnicity estimate mask for Instagram: company details are in the article below

Ethnicity estimate mask for Instagram has gone viral. It was developed by Gradient employees, for whom this is not the first viral project. AIN.UA editors explain what kind of company it is, how it came into being and what other interesting masks it created.

Ethnicity estimate mask

Ethnicity estimate mask for Instagram by Gradient is a fresh example of the company’s viral content. The essence of the new mask is that the users allegedly pass a virtual DNA test, which determines their ethnicity. The mask is available in the application, you can download it for iOS and Android. After the test, a photo with results can be saved to the gallery or published on social media.

Who’s your twin

ethnicity estimate mask-1

Who’s your twin mask is the first huge viral success story of Gradient. Back in 2019, a startup created a feature that allowed users to find their celebrity lookalikes: for that, you just had to upload your photo and in a few seconds the application would show Who’s your twin. The mask immediately gained immense popularity, and the corresponding pictures appeared in all social media.


One of the founders of Gradient is Ukrainian Vladislav Urazov. Before that, Urazov worked in the founding team of the Teleport application. The application allows you to ‘try on’ various impressions on your selfie. Teleport became viral, it had enormous outreach and spread widely around the world. And in 2017, in the wake of success, Snap acquired it for US$ 8 million. Bogdan Matveev, who was CTO at Teleport, became Vladislav’s new Gradient partner. They are developing the project together.

The company almost immediately was fine-tuned to create viral masks and mechanics like ethnicity estimate mask, which allowed it to quickly gain an audience. A week after the release in September 2019, it had 2 million downloads in the App Store and 1 million downloads in the Google Play Market.

According to the Gradient team, the company creates all the masks with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, as Urazov assures, the team does not collect any user data: the application, according to him, is completely safe.