Warsaw-based startup AI Busters raises over $250k

AI Busters with its technology of automated customer service has attracted over $250,000 from YouNick Mint VC fund for the new functionalities developing, reports MamStartup.

 AI Busters-1
AI Busters co-founders: Norbert Fijałek and Karol Kowalczyk

The company was founded 1,5 year ago by Norbert Fijałek and Karol Kowalczyk. It provides a solution for supporting customer service consultants in their daily responses to customers. Technology, based on AI and NLP algorithms, analyzes incoming messages, identifies their meanings, suggests possible responses or sends them automatically. 

As Kowalczyk emphasizes, AI Busters is dedicated to the Banking, Insurance, Energy, Telecommunications industries or for Shared Service Centres. Presently, the company is cooperating with the largest commercial bank in Poland – Santander Bank Polska.

The investor is a Polish early-stage fund that is focused mainly on projects from healthcare, digital healthcare and industry 4.0 sectors.