Profile: LT Capital — Polish VC Fund

AIN.TECH conducted a series of interviews with the most active Polish VC funds. It is aimed to give the startups full information about the ecosystem of the country, as well as to make it easier for them to find the appropriate fund for further cooperation.

This time we prepared a short article about LT Capital VC fund. 

LT Capital-1
Managing Partners of LT Capital: Łukasz Świercz and Tomasz Jastrzębski

When the fund was launched?

September 2019.

What is your investment focus?

Simply put – products/services that are the foundation of Industry 4.0. Our core:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Solutions based on big data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Digitalization
  • AR/VR.

Additionally: Internet of Things for business applications, smart city/smart buildings, smart grid, energy-related technologies, circular economy, predictive maintenance, production on demand, mass customization,3d printing, solutions that improve logistics, new business models – like marketplaces, SaaS. Generally speaking, we hand-pick the best teams that create world-changing solutions.

What is the average investment amount?

Typically, we invest around €250k. However, each project has its own rules. If larger sums are needed, thanks to our wide network of contacts we are able to bring other investors to the table.

How many deals does the fund make per year?

Our strategy assumes the level of approximately 10 investments per year. Consequently, we would like to create an ecosystem of 40 carefully selected teams. You can check our progress at

Does the fund invest only in Polish startups or in foreign projects too?

Our goal is to find and support the best people who struggle to build great things – a nationality is not our main concern. To make it clear, we are open to both Polish and foreign projects.

What does the fund offer except the investment?

We have the competence and resources to actively support startups which we work with also at a later, key stage of going abroad and attracting Western investors as part of subsequent financing rounds.

The fund’s managing partners, Łukasz Świercz and Tomasz Jastrzębski, together create a mixture of industry knowledge in the area of new technologies, effective business management and over 15 years of investor experience.

Our extensive network of contacts and strong business relationships mean added value for these companies. Our partner is the investment group Movens Capital, investing in promising startups, like Packhelp and Fenige, just to name a few.