Kazakhstan startup Sagi secures $260k for the product scaling

Kazakhstan startup Sagi, a member of the international technopark Astana Hub, has raised $260,000 at a valuation of $1.3M. Private investors Nariman Shakabaev and Erzhan Almuhamedov participated in the round, reports Kapital.

Sagi develops a mobile application that allows users to send digital gifts or gift certificates via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or other massagers in one click. There is also an option to create a list of desired gifts, as well as to check what is staying in the friends’ wish lists.

The solution is aimed to solve the problem of huge losses that businesses incur during the quarantine. Sagi application allows its customers to earn online and 24/7, the CEO and founder of Sagi Zhaksyilyik Eselbaev says. 

The startup is negotiating with new partners to fill the range of its online store now. It is planning to spend the proceeds to the development of the application, as well as to its scaling in Kazakhstan.