List of Spanish startups to follow in 2020

The Sifted team created the selection of Spanish startups to watch in 2020. AIN.TECH publishes the list of startups according to it.

  1. Glovo

Founded: In 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud

Valuation: €1.00 billion

Glovo is a courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app within your city at any time of day. Glovo connects users, businesses, and couriers to make that possible. It is the fastest-growing delivery player in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. To date, they deliver over 100 million annual orders and operate in 19 countries, and in more than 250 cities.

  1. Cabify

Founded: In 2011 by Juan de Antonio

Valuation: €1.27 billion

Cabify is a ride-sharing company that connects private users and companies with the means of transport that best suit their needs. The company operates in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Cabify adapts to the particularities of the almost 100 cities in which it operates.

  1. LetGo

Founded: In 2015 by Alec Oxenford, Jordi Castello, and Enrique Linares

Valuation: €1.36 billion

LetGo Letgo is a second-hand shopping app and the biggest and fastest-growing app to buy and sell locally. With innovative features like video listings and LetGo Reveal, the free app makes it easy to list what you don’t need and find great deals nearby on anything you do.

  1. TravelPerk

Founded: In 2015 by Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, and Ron Levin

Valuation: €233-€349 million

TravelPerk is a next-generation business travel platform. TravelPerk`s all-in-one platform gives travelers the freedom they want while giving companies the control they need. The result is savings of time, money, and hassle for everyone. TravelPerk has the world’s largest range of travel, along with powerful management features, 24-hour customer support, state-of-the-art technology, and consumer design that allows companies around the world to get the most out of their travels.

  1. Spotahome

Founded: In 2014 by Alejandro Artacho, Bruno Bianchi, Bryan McEire and Hugo Monteiro

Valuation: €145-€218 million

 Spotahome is an online booking platform, offering an exhaustive list of apartments, rooms, studios, and student residences for stays above 30 days. The Spotahome experience removes the need for in-person viewings, saving both tenants and landlords the time and expense.

  1. Typeform

Founded: In 2012 by David Okuniev and Robert Muñoz

Valuation: €127-€191 million

Typeform is an online software service (SaaS) that specializes in creating online forms and online surveys. Basic software creates dynamic forms based on user needs. Typeform software was used by Apple Inc., Airbnb, Uber, and Nike. Typeform produces millions of forms each month.