Profile: Kima Ventures — French VC Fund

The French venture capital market has strengthened in recent years. Since the 2017 election of business president Emmanuel Macron, who promised to make the country a “startup nation”, the VC’s activities have been really significant.

AIN.TECH conducted a series of interviews with the most active French VC funds. It is aimed to give the startups full information about the ecosystem of the country, as well as to make it easier for them to find the appropriate fund for further cooperation.

This time we prepared a short article about Kima Ventures VC fund.

When was the fund launched? 

In 2010 by Xavier Niel.

What is your investment focus?

 We support startups that have a strong tech DNA, we are agnostic in terms of sector, we position ourselves on pre-seed & seed rounds between €500K and €2.5M. We want to support teams that have an extraordinary learning and execution curve.

What is the average investment amount? 

Single ticket of €150K, no reinvestment

How many transactions does the fund make per year?


Does the fund invest only in French startups or in foreign projects too?

Startups whose founders are French, whether in France or abroad.

What does the fund offers besides investing?

We give an access to the largest and most powerful network of French tech entrepreneurs: our portfolio, leveraged by various tools developed in-house, Access to selected services and partner offers, Immediate availability of the Kima team and support on all subjects they can meet, Access to our BA network and funds for Series A.