Paris-based startup Outmind raises $605K

French Saas startup Outmind has raised $605K from Mustard Seed MAZE, Sharpstone Capital, BPIFrance, and business angels as it launches its first production version, Mustard Seed Maze reports

Image credits: Outmind

Founded in 2019 by CEO Grace Mehrabe and CTO Arthur Caillaud, Outmind is the intelligent search engine that allows you to do textual searches within all your tools, and immediately finds any email, document, or item relevant to you. When the results are insufficient, Outmind will contact the right person for you who can provide you with the information you are looking for. Outmind is available directly in your browser.

The raised money will contribute company to continue the development of Outmind’s technology, to support its commercial development in Europe, and to strengthen its team by doubling the number of employees. Outmind just joined the Future 40, the 40 most promising companies among 1200 of Station F, EU-Startups writes.