In six months, Ukrainian Facebook users reach 16 million, and Instagram – 14 million: research

Since July 2020, the Ukrainian audience of Facebook and Instagram grew by 1 million each: to 16 and 14 million, respectively. The number of users of Facebook Messenger grew by 800,000 to 10 million. These data have been published in the research of these social media, which is conducted every six months by the plusone agency.

Dynamics of growth of audiences of social media:

Charts here and below: plusone

The Ukrainian Facebook ad-reachable audience now totals 22 million.

Ukrainian users are googling Facebook less and less, but the authors of the research attribute this to the fact that most already have the application:

The compilers of the research report that over the past six months, the number of Facebook-users has decreased in six regional centers, but social media continues to grow in smaller cities.

Facebook is more popular than Instagram in almost all regions.

The highest Instagram penetration is in Kyiv region (51%), Odesa region (42%) and Dnipropetrovsk region (41%). The lowest – in Kirovohrad region (25%):

Instagram is ahead of Facebook among Ukrainian users of 29 years old and younger.

Among the 18-23 age group, the penetration rate can be higher than 100% (because young users may have several accounts).

Femail users continue to make the most of Facebook’s Ukrainian audience.

Most Ukrainian users visit Facebook via their mobile phones. Only 600,000 users access the social media from desktops, and 11.55 million only via mobile devices (and this number is up slightly compared to last July).