Ukraine moves up in ranking for mobile Internet speed, but drops for wired

Ukraine was ranked No. 83 in the world ranking for mobile internet downloading speed (which is a 7-point growth) and 58th, for fixed internet speed (a 4-point decline).

According to the Speedtest Global Index data, over the last 12 months, the speed of fixed internet in Ukraine has grown by 11 Mbps, reaching just over 61 Mbps, and the mobile internet speed, by 4 Mbps, reaching 25 Mbps.

Mobile internet

In October 2019, Ukraine ranked No. 90 in the world mobile internet ranking, with a downloading speed of 21.9 Mbps. In 2020, Ukraine climbed up 7 places, reaching 83rd position, with a speed of 25 Mbps, ahead of Vietnam, Australia, and Montenegro.

During this year, the speed of mobile internet across the globe has grown by 19 Mbps, reaching the level of 39.8 Mbps, whereas in Ukraine the speed has grown by only 4 Mbps.

The countries with the fastest mobile internet are South Korea (145.03 Mbps), the UAE (129.61 Mbps), and China (124.39 Mbps).

Fixed internet

Since 2019, Ukraine has dropped down four positions in the speed of fixed internet, from 54th to 58th position overall.

This is due to the faster pace of internet development worldwide: the average rate has grown by 17 Mbps, from 70 to almost 88 Mbps, whereas in Ukraine the speed has increased by only 11 Mbps, reaching 61.78 Mbps.

The countries with the fastest fixed internet are Singapore (229.42 Mbps), Hong Kong (215.19 Mbps), and Romania (188.55 Mbps).