10 promising Polish startups to watch in 2021

The EU-Startups team created a selection of the 10 most promising Polish startups that are worth following in 2021. AIN.TECH publishes the list.

  1. Uncapped

Founded: In 2019 by Asher Ismail and Piotr Pisarz

Valuation: €88M-€132M

Uncapped is a provider of revenue-based financing that enables founders to raise growth capital without interest or equity. The startup provides companies investments from €11,000-€2.2 million, charges a flat fee of 6-12% on the capital provided, and get repaid through a revenue share.

  1. Vue Storefront

Founded: In 2017 by Bartłomiej Roszkowski, Filip Rakowski and Patrick Friday

Latest round: $1.5M seed funding from SMOK Ventures and Movens VC

The startup is developing an open-source frontend for any e-commerce. Built with a PWA (Progressive Web Applications) and headless approach, Vue Storefront enables merchants to freely plan and manage every stage of a customer’s journey, no matter what device he or she uses. 

  1. GeneMe

Founded: In 2018 by Dawid Nidzworski and Andrew Wheeler

Latest round: €5.2M seed funding from Robin Tombs and business angels

GeneMe produces services related to polymorphisms analysis and broadly defined genetic tests. Its FRANKD solution was recognized by the Scottish government as the most accurate and rapid COVID-19 test on the market. It is already used in the different institutions of more than twenty countries including Heathrow Airport.

  1. Microamp Solutions

Founded: In 2019 by Dawid Kuchta, Marcin Góralczyk and Marta Kuchta

Latest round: $2M grant from the National Centre for Research and Development

Microamp Solutions is deeptech that evolves 5G concept to help companies in multiple sectors start rolling out 5G coverage. It is currently working on RF infrastructure for modern 5G networks and wireless communication systems that operate in the mmWave band. 

  1. Talent Alpha

Founded: In 2018 by Mike Kennedy, Przemek Berendt and Szymon Niemczura

Valuation: €17M-€25M

Talent Alpha is a SaaS platform that helps organizations worldwide measure and manage “tech talent”. The solution gives total visibility into the technical and soft skills available to an organization including permanent staff, potential candidates, contract workers, or on-demand Tech Talent available on the Human Cloud.

  1. Nevomo

Founded: In 2017 by Jakub Olek, Katarzyna Foljanty, Marcin Rudniak, Paweł Radziszewski, Przemek Paczek and Łukasz Mielczarek

Latest round: undisclosed amount from Hütter Private Equity fund

Nevomo develops technology for a magrail system, a passive magnetic levitation train operating on existing railway tracks at speeds up to 550 kph. This hybrid solution allows for the functionality of both the magrail system and conventional trains on the same tracks. This can be subsequently transformed into a vacuum system, hyperrail, with a top speed of 600 kph on existing tracks. 

  1. Sundose 

Founded: In 2018 by Greg Albrecht, Michal Golkiewicz, Piotr Smolen and Tomasz Styk

Valuation: €4M-€7M

Sundose is a manufacturer of data-driven diet supplements. It provides clients with personalized supplement box to support their health needs and lifestyle goals. To customize each formulation with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, probiotics and antioxidants, the startup uses a smart health assessment, blood test results, and other relevant health data.

  1. neptune.ai

Founded: In 2017 by Piotr Niedzwiedz

Valuation: €11M-€16M

neptune.ai develops a lightweight experiment management tool that fits any workflow. Neptune records the entire experimentation process – exploratory notebooks, model training runs, code, hyperparameters, metrics, data versions, results, exploration visualizations, and saves all data in the cloud.

  1. HCM Deck 

Founded: In 2017 by Rafal Niesluchowski and Simon Janicki

HCM Deck enables large companies to shift to a people-centric and agile approach across the whole employee development journey. Its platform offers onboarding, learning, knowledge sharing, and data analysis tools at scale, allowing companies to build a culture of learning and improvement and achieve business KPIs.

  1. SPOKO

Founded: In 2017 by Evgeny Chamtonau and Aliaksandr Horlach

SPOKO is a British-Polish fintech that offers instant money transfers, with no need for the sender to have a bank account. The service allows its customers to send money from Europe and the UK to their home countries in the local currency, via their mobile, or via a point of sale outlet.