Anyone can find out their influence on Facebook and Instagram using the Myscore platform

The Ukrainian startup Publicfast has relaunched its scoring platform Myscore allowing a user to calculate their Facebook and Instagram influence and estimate chances to become a popular blogger.

How it works

The service analyzes 32 indicators from the moment when a page was created: the number of posts, friends` activity, the ratio of followers to active page visitors, and other qualitative and quantitative engagement metrics. The result is calculated individually based on 100% performance capabilities, and the user is ranked from 1 to 100.

If the score is less than 60, it is early days to talk about influence. Obtained 90 points shows that a person has all chances to become an ambassador of a well-known brand.

The project aims to show that everyone has influence and can monetize their social media. The company explains: “It is not necessary to have a million followers to get a high ranking. It is enough to be active in a social media and make interesting content which readers like.”

How can you find out your ranking

Follow the link and log in to your account. In a few seconds, the algorithm will calculate all the indicators and give you the result.

Here you can also see your level of activity in social media over the past 30 days.

Besides obtaining the statistics, the user can see the ranking of friends and which place among them they occupy.

About the Project

Myscore was created as part of the Publicfast influence marketing platform and was launched in 2014. Back then, only Facebook was taken for calculation of scores with only a couple of parameters: the number of friends and followers, likes, comments, and reposts, together with the number of publications done over the last 30 days.

Therefore, the platform was closed for updating and later relaunched after advancement of the following indicators: the AI was improved, the number of analyzed indicators was increased (there are now 32 of them) and Instagram was added.