Ukrainian app Headway is No. 1 in the world by the number of downloads in its niche

Headway, a Ukrainian app with book summaries, is No. 1 in the world by the number of downloads in its segment and remains at the top during 2021. According to data from the analytical platform Sensor Tower, it first surpassed its main competitor, the German company Blinkist, back in September 2020.

In one year, the startup’s team has tripled, and its revenue has grown sixfold.

Image credit: Sensor Tower

Headway is an educational app that helps get through a book in 15 minutes. It contains summaries and highlights of 1,000+ non-fiction books on business, motivation, and psychology. They are categorized and available in text and audio formats.

The app was created by the developers of a startup of the same name in March 2019 to help people all around the world learn and grow.

In two years, more than 7 million users have downloaded the app. Headway is used across 140 countries, mostly in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and India. In the summer of 2021, over 500,000 people a month joined using the app.

“It’s an achievement of the entire team because people are the backbone of Headway. We believe in the power of self-development and create incredible things. This is what allowed us to grow from three people in a startup to 90 in two years, and this is just the beginning,” comments Anton Pavlovsky, CEO and founder of Headway.

As the startup stated, Headway is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the ecosystem of Genesis Holding Company. In the last year alone, the startup’s team has tripled, and revenue has increased sixfold.