Top 100 Ukrainian private companies. Only two tech enterprises included

Forbes published a list of the TOP 100 largest private companies of Ukraine. Comparing to 2020, the total profit of the largest businesses increased by 5% to 74 billion UAH, excluding the companies that not discovered their data earlier. The list also contains two IT companies that generated 0.8% of the total revenue of listed companies.

AIN.UA selected IT (outsourcing), retail, and telecom businesses from the list, and the Nova Poshta postal service with its IT department with over 100 workers.

It is worth mentioning that the IT companies are mostly incorporated not in Ukraine, and the revenue they declared is only a part of their total revenue transferred to Ukraine to pay salaries, taxes, and rents. That is why there is no product IT company on the list (small teams by the same or even higher revenues) and only two largest outsources with over 10,000 employees. For example, $32 million of monthly revenue declared by the company with the Belorussian origin, EPAM, do exactly correspond with salaries of $2.2-$2.7 thousand for 11,600 employees according to the statistics of DOU.

IT (Outsourcing companies)

  • EPAM. Profit – ₴942M. Revenues – ₴10,4B.
  • SoftServe. Profit – no data. Revenues – ₴9B (Forbes estimate).


  • Rozetka. Profit – ₴110M. Revenues – ₴18B.
  • Comfy. Profit – ₴81M. Revenues – ₴16,2B.
  • Фокстрот (Foxtrot). Profit – ₴70M. Revenues – ₴14,3B.
  • Эльдорадо (Eldorado). Loss – ₴344M. Revenues – ₴11,4B.
  • Эпицентр К (Epicentr K). Profit – ₴3,2B. Revenues – ₴50,4B.


  • Kyivstar. Profit – ₴10,3B. Revenues – ₴25B.
  • Vodafone. Profit – ₴1,2B. Revenues – ₴18,1B.
  • lifecell. Profit – ₴2,6B. Revenues – ₴6,8B.