Ukrainian product ORTY ranks among the top foodtech startups of 2021. How it works

The UK website Techround has published a ranking of the most promising foodtech startups of 2021. ORTY, a restaurant management system created by Ukrainians, was included in the list.

ORTY is a single restaurant management system with an integrated online ordering feature. ORTY offers an intuitive app for POS, contactless pickups, mobile orders, marketing, and other processes. ORTY also allows restaurants to control refunds, items or orders cancellations, delayed orders, or orders with negative reviews.

  • One of the company’s first clients was The Social Kitchen, a project financed by the government of Singapore. Also, among the startup’s clients are the Ukrainian restaurant chains OZZY and tikithai. ORTY’s portfolio also includes several companies from Malaysia and Singapore.
  • The idea for the product belongs to Michael Popchuk. The second partner is Radomir Novkovich from Saldo Apps, owned by Netpeak Group. In 2021, ORTY and Saldo merged, and the product also became part of Netpeak Group.
  • Radomir Novkovic is also known for founding the mobile app promotion agency RadASO in 2018. In 2020, Netpeak bought a 51% stake in the company.

Today the Saldo Apps team consists of 30 people. The founder of Netpeak Group, Artem Borodatyuk, plans to grow the project into a valuable startup. The minimum goal is to reach $1 million in annual revenue and close the seed round from Western investment firms. It is not necessary to be profitable — the main thing is not to go into deficit.

Besides Ukrainians, there are 18 other companies in the Techround rankings: Food Rocket, Raw Wine, SimpleFoods, ShelfNow,, The Food Incubator, Bbot, Outcast Foods, Hooray Foods, Plenty, Aleph Farms, Mitte, Jack & Bry, Slerp, Nick’s, Kuleana, FoodDocs, and Crisp.