GlobalLogic opens a 1,000-person office in Wrocław

The international IT company GlobalLogic has opened a new development center in Wrocław. The office opening in Poland will allow GlobalLogic to expand its presence in the European region and facilitate the exchange of experiences between Ukrainian and Polish colleagues.

  • More than 500 specialists now co-work with GlobalLogic in Wrocław. The opening of the center will allow the company to continue its development in the city and to double the team of IT specialists by 2024.
  • GlobalLogic currently has more than 300 open positions in Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland), more than 160 of them are in Poland. This gives additional opportunities for professionals if they need to relocate.
  • The designer modular co-working spaces and conference rooms of the new Wrocław office resemble development centers in the US and Japan. The office has professional equipment, so engineers can communicate and collaborate effectively. Also, there are isolated booths where the specialist can stay alone.
  • The new office has innovative IT laboratories for developments testing. There, engineers will create, develop, and test IT solutions in the field of automotive technology, Industry 4.0, cloud service, or telecom.
  • GlobalLogic is a Hitachi Group IT company. It was acquired by Hitachi Ltd in 2021.
  • In Ukraine the company has offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Mykolaiv. According to the DOU, in summer 2021, the company employed about 6,000 tech specialists, which made it one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine by the number of employees, right after EPAM and SoftServe.