Finnish platform ONEiO raises €7.2M for Central Europe and North America expansion

The Helsinki-based startup ONEiO has raised €7.2 million in funding to accelerate its growth and market expansion. Fairpoint Capital led the seed round, reports.

  • ONEiO was founded in 2011 by Finnish entrepreneurs Janne Kärkkäinen, Juha Berghäll, Kai Virkki, and Olli Nuortila. It is a Finnish SaaS company offering cloud-native and automated integration services. The platform enables seamless collaboration with a pay-per-use pricing model.
  • Fairpoint Capital led the €7.2 million seed round. It is a Nordic B2B technology Venture Capital investor focusing on high technologies including AI, Internet of Things, cloud, simulations, robotics, Big Data, and computer vision. The previous investors, Inventure and Tesi, also joined in the investment.

“The ONEiO team has a successful track record in the integration space. We are happy to help them scale the operations to become an international leader in their industry,”

Hadar Cars from Fairpoint Capital comments on the investment.
  • In 2019, ONEiO received a €1 million grant from European Innovation Council. And in 2018, according to Crunchbase, it raised €1.1 million from the current investor Inventure.
  • ONEiO plans to use the funds for further growth and expansion in Central Europe and North America.