Krakow-based e-commerce startup Selmo secures $240K from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

The Polish e-commerce startup Selmo has secured $240,000 (1 million zlotych) to develop its platform. Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder led the round, MamStartup informs.

Filip Szczepanik and Kuba Karyś, founder of Selmo
  • Founded in 2021 by Filip Szczepanik and Kuba Karyś, Selmo develops an e-commerce platform that facilitates sales via social media, like Facebook Messenger.
  • The Selmo application works like a sales assistant — by connecting to Facebook Messenger, it automates the collection and execution of orders.

“Sellers start their business on social media and streaming platforms, using the most basic tools that fail as sales volumes increase. We help to improve their operations and support in post-sale processes, helping them to focus on important things,”

Selmo Co-founder Kuba Karyś explains the platform.
  • The $240K investment was led by Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder. It is a Warsaw-based venture builder and a venture capital fund operating since 2017. According to Cruchbase, the fund’s previous investments include NaturalAntibody, Booste, Portside, and Gizmi.
  • Using the fresh funding, Selmo plans to push its product to the Spanish market. The company also wants to develop the Instagram integration and launch new functionalities.