War in Ukraine / May 31

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Difficult situation in Severodonetsk

Right now the heaviest battles are going on for the city of Severodonetsk. After 2014, when Russia created the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, the administrative center of Luhansk region was moved to this city. Before the war, up to 100,000 people lived there, but now there are about 10,000 left.

Heavy fighting has been going on for Severodonetsk for the last few days, and the Ukrainian army has managed to hold back the Russian army to the last. Ukraine did not want to surrender the city and sent two more groups of its troops there to strengthen its position. But it seems that the pressure of the Russian army has become too strong.

The situation changed at the end of May, when Russia, despite defending the city, was still able to advance to its central part. This was also pointed out by British intelligence, noting the fact that the Russian army occupied most of Severodonetsk. Moreover, Russian troops have established themselves north and south of the city.

For Ukraine, Severodonetsk may become the second Mariupol. According to the latest known data, there were about 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the city. If the Russian army manages to close the ring around the city, it could be the biggest loss for the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the war. Therefore, according to military experts, as long as the Armed Forces of Ukraine has access to the Lysychansk-Bakhmut route, they will try to withdraw combat units and gain a foothold on the new frontiers. Military experts assess this as a reasonable and correct step in the current situation.

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Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kharkiv region:

  • As a result of shelling by the Russian army, the garage, cars, cafes, and private houses were damaged.
  • Russian troops shelled civilian houses in several villages: Udy, Karasivka, Kalynove.
  • There was shelling from artillery for 40 minutes straight, resulting in the death of a 74-year-old woman who was in her house kitchen. The house was completely destroyed, three more garages and five houses were damaged. The shelling of Svitlychne began at 10:00 a.m.
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Kherson region:

  • Mykolaivka, Novopavlivskeі, Shyroke were shelled by Russian troops.
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Sumy region:

  • Russian troops launched two missiles on the border area of ​​the Esman community, Shostka district, using strategic aviation aircraft from the territory of the Russian Federation. They fired self-propelled guns at the border areas of the Bilopillya community in Sumy district.
  • Russian troops artillery shelled the territory of Velyka Pysarivka community in Okhtyrka district. 10 explosions were recorded.
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Chernihiv region:

  • Russian troops fired on the outskirts of the Leonivka border village of Semenivka district. Four explosions were recorded.
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Zaporizhzhya region:

  • As a result of the two-hour shelling, civilian infrastructure was damaged.
  • As a result of the shelling, fires broke out in 4 residential buildings and a utility structure.
  • Mali Shcherbaky, Kamyanske, Olhivske, Poltavka, Usepnivka, Novodanylivka, Hulailpske, Zaliznychne, Solodke, Chervone, Bilohirya, Charivne, Preobrazhenka were shelled by russian troops. There was an airstrike conducted in Mala Tokmachka and Novoandriivka.
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Luhansk region:

  • Russian troops carried out an artillery shelling on the Proletariy plant. Damage to several premises was recorded
  • Russian troops launched an airstrike on Severodonetsk. They hit a cistern with nitric acid at the Azot chemical plant. The region’s leadership warned citizens of the region about the danger and measures to protect themselves from chemical poisoning.
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Mykolaiv region:

  • The Russian military fired Pion cannon artillery and Tornado-S MLRS with cluster munitions at the city.
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Donetsk region:

  • Russian troops launched an airstrike on the city. A school and at least eight multi-storey buildings, a play school and a garage cooperative were damaged. Three civilians were killed, six people were injured.
  • Russian troops fired on Nelipivka, Yarova, Ocheretyne, Raihorodok, Semenivka, Kamyanka, Lastochkyne, Romanivka. 17 civilian objects were destroyed: residential buildings, a kindergarten, a cafe, outbuildings and administrative buildings.

According to the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, one civilian was killed in Raihorodok. One person was injured. 

Dnipropetrovsk region:

  • Zelenodolsk community was shelled by artillery. There are no casualties or injuries being recorded.
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