Polish AI startup Talkie.ai secures $2.6M to expand in the US

The Warsaw-based startup Talkie.ai, which develops solutions for customer service automation, has secured $2.6 million (12.5 million zł) from a Polish-Austrian consortium of VC funds, including 4growth VC, NIF ASI, Satus Starter, FundingBox, Gateway Ventures, and existing investor Movens VC.

Founders of Talkie.ai Wojciech Przechodzeń, Ada Andruszkiewicz, and Paweł Lipiński
Photo: Talkie.ai
  • Founded in 2018 by Wojciech Przechodzeń, Ada Andruszkiewicz, and Paweł Lipiński, Talkie.ai develops an AI and machine learning platform that enables customer service departments to create their own voice bots. The solution of Talkie.ai helps automate repetitive processes in call centers, communicate with customers, process their requests, and make appropriate decisions.
  • Talkie.ai now focuses on the healthcare industry. According to the startup, the need for 24/7 availability of medical registration or to offer multilingual telephone-based patient support has great potential for being automated with voice AI solutions from Talkie.ai.
  • The startup also offers automation services for optimizing other common hospital and clinic processes, such as allowing callers to make and manage appointments as a self-service, order prescriptions, and provide information on pricing and availability of services or basic medical triage.
  • Talkie.ai raised its first $790,000 round of funding in September 2020. In early 2021, the company launched operations in the United States. It currently serves dozens of companies in Poland, the UK, and the US.

“We intend to use the financing we raised to further develop our healthcare offering and expand overseas, primarily in the US, from where we already derive more than a third of our revenue. Given the scale of the healthcare market in the US, we see the greatest growth potential there,” 

CEO and co-founder of Talkie.ai, Paweł Lipiński, says about the startup’s future plans.
  • Talkie.ai will also spend the proceeds on growing its team and launching off-the-shelf offerings for other industries tailored to their specific needs.