receives over $790k for the voicebot technology development, an AI-powered virtual agent which uses natural language to provide phone customer service 24/7, has attracted more than $790,000 in a seed round led by Polish funds Movens VC and LT Capital, writes MamStartup media. 

Warsaw-based startup develops an AI and machine learning platform that enables customer service departments to create their own voicebots. The solution of allows to automate repetitive processes in call centres, provide communication with customers, process their requests and make appropriate decisions. 

In addition to the bot engine itself, the platform has the Analytics and Designer Panels.

  • Talkie Analytics tools provide users with general statistics and details of each conversation.
  • Talkie Designer tool helps users to build a personalized AI virtual agent tailored for their needs without any additional assistance or costs.

The company’s services are already used by both Polish and international clients including European Leasing Fund, Web2Metrics, Columbus Energy, Seris Konsalnet. is also known for the creation of  “Coronabot” for people who could not reach the hotline of the National Health Fund at the beginning of the pandemic.