Profile: bValue — Polish VC Fund

AIN.TECH conducted a series of interviews with the most active Polish VC funds. It is aimed to give the startups full information about the ecosystem of the country, as well as to make it easier for them to find the appropriate fund for further cooperation.

This time we prepared short article about bValue VC fund. 


When the fund was launched?

The first fund started in 2016, a current fund with $15M capital has started investing in February 2020.

What is your investment focus?

B2B SaaS for SME’s and e-commerce, although we are generalist and have a broad and diversified portfolio.

What is the average investment amount?

We invest between $200k to $1M per company, with mean investment about $300k. We usually invest $200k initially and then follow on as the company grows not to dilute the founders in the early days.

How many deals does the fund make per year?

We usually make at least 5 deals a year, but aim at the higher number for 2020/2021.

Does the fund invest only in Polish startups or in foreign projects too?

We have since invested in 5 foreign projects, 4 from the CEE region and 1 from Germany.

To be fair, we require some polish nexus, like spending some part of the investment in Poland, but we find it usually is okay with startups, especially looking to enter the EU market.

We invest in companies from the CEE/CIS region, therefore all non-polish projects are more than welcomed!

What does the fund offer except the investment?

We build a VC platform, as a place where founders interact with each other, other high-profile founders and founders with exit stories, entrepreneurial investors and many more people from CEE, Israel and US with abilities and experiences, but above all a willingness to share them.

As a fund, we take a strategic approach by helping with creation, tracking and execution of company strategies, creation of sales, marketing and hr processes and of course further financings.