Top 5 most active Slovak VC funds in H1 2022

AIN.Capital has created a ranking of the most active Slovak VC funds in H1 2022. The ranking includes 5 local backers that together made 12 investments during January 2022-June 2022.


We applied the same methodology, as we used in preparing rankings of the most active PolishBalticFinnishHungarianCzechRomanian, and Bulgarian venture capital funds. Firstly, to create the list of top Bulgarian backers, we analyzed the investment activities of all active VCs in this country for the period from January 2022 to June 2022. 

After that, we chose those that made one or more investments in startups in the first half of 2022, and conducted a survey among them. Relying on their answers, open source information, as well as and Crunchbase data, we chose 5 backers that have led or joined at least one round in the six months of 2022. 

This ranking consists of profiles of the 5 most active Slovak VC funds and shows information on the number of investments they made in total and within the period mentioned above, funding focus, ticket sizes, management team, and recently closed deals.

1. Neulogy Ventures

Christian Mandl, Managing Partner at Neulogy Ventures
  • Number of investments: 50 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Partner: Christian Mandl
  • Fund size: €20 million
  • Region: CEE, Slovakia
  • Industries: cleantech, B2B SaaS, medtech, Mixed Reality. The fund mostly focuses on deeptech
  • Investment stages: early stages
  • Ticket size: €500,000-€3 million

The Bratislava-based Neulogy Ventures is one of the leading companies that specializes in technology commercialization in the CEE region. The VC fund focuses on early-stage investment in the form of seed capital, or venture capital for the later stages. Neulogy’s goal is to add value beyond financing, having a long-term, hands-on approach to investments.

Recent investments: GroupSolver, GA Drilling.

2. Zero Gravity Capital

  • Number of investments: 19 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • Partners: Dušan Duffek, Marek Zamecnik, and Vít Hanuš
  • Fund size: €23 million
  • Region: Slovakia
  • Industries: generalist
  • Investment stages: pre-seed and seed 
  • Ticket size: up to €200,000
Dušan Duffek, Partner at Zero Gravity Capital

Zero Gravity Capital is a VC fund that are looking for professionals or ambitious talents who have a knack for solving market failures and those who embody leadership and efficient problem-solving qualities. The VC fund focuses on companies from various industries, with global mindset and innovative, scalable business models to provide them with necessary capital combined with a hands-on approach.

Recent investments:, Wewell, Patron.GO.

3. 365.fintech

Rudolf Vrabel, Managing Director at 365.fintech
  • Number of investments: 16 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Director: Rudolf Vrabel
  • Region: Slovakia, Europe
  • Industries: B2B and B2C fintech, insurtech and big data startups
  • Investment stages: seed
  • Ticket size: €50,000-€500,000

365.fintech is a VC fund which aims to provide financing and operational support in various business aspects of early-stage European startups. The fund’s primary focus is on B2B and B2C fintech, insurtech, big data and business intelligence companies. As a part of the banking group, 365.fintech is able to facilitate the access to banking sectors for its fintechs.

Recent investments: Velaris, Ondato, Montonio.

4. Vision Ventures

  • Number of investments: 19 / 2 of them in H1 2022
  • Partners: Tomáš Bél and Gabriel Horvath
  • Fund size: €11 million
  • Region: Slovakia
  • Industries: sector agnostic
  • Investment stages: pre-seed and seed 
  • Ticket size: €100,000-€1.6 million
Gabriel Horvath, Partner at Vision Ventures

Vision Ventures is the Bratislava-based Vision Ventures fund. It has generalist approach and invests across various industries, focusing on Slovakian companies that are aimed to scale internationally. The fund’s ticket is between €100,000 and €800,000, but the investment size depends mainly on the need for financing and the development stage of the company and can reach €1.6 million. By acquiring the stake in portfolio company, Vision Ventures intends to hold it for a longer period of time, from 3 to 8 years.

Recent investments: Sloneek,

5. Eterus Capital

Martin Šmigura, Investment Director at Eterus Capital
  • Number of investments: 16 / 1 of them in H1 2022
  • Investment Director: Martin Šmigura
  • Fund size: €23 million
  • Region: Slovakia
  • Industries: generalist
  • Investment stages: growth stages
  • Ticket size: €500,000–€5 million

Founded in 2008, Eterus Capital is a Bratislava-based private equity fund that focuses on investments in growth-phase small and medium-sized companies. It invests only into minority positions and management control always remains in the hands of the original shareholders. The Eterus Capital also provides transaction advisory, securities trading, and asset management.

Recent investments: GroupSolver.