Top 17 most active Czech VC funds in H1 2022

AIN.Capital has created a ranking of the most active Czech VC funds in H1 2022. The ranking includes 17 local backers that together made 82 investments during January 2022-June 2022. Lighthouse Ventures, Credo Ventures, and Presto Ventures topped the list by closing 34 deals.


We applied the same methodology, as we used in preparing rankings of the most active PolishBalticFinnish, and Hungarian venture capital funds. Firstly, to create the list of top Czech backers, we analyzed the investment activities of all active VCs in this country for the period from January 2022 to June 2022. 

After that, we chose those that made one or more investments in startups in the first half of 2022, and conducted a survey among them. Relying on their answers, open source information, as well as and Crunchbase data, we chose 17 backers that have led or joined at least one round in the six months of 2022. 

This ranking consists of profiles of the 17 most active Czech VC funds and shows information on the number of investments they made in total and within the period mentioned above, funding focus, ticket sizes, management team, and recently closed deals.

1. Lighthouse Ventures

Active Czech VC funds-1
Michal Zalesak, Founding and Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures
  • Number of investments: 90 / 14 of them in H1 2022
  • Founding and Managing Partner: Michal Zalesak
  • Fund size: €24 million
  • Region: CEE
  • Industries: software, information tech, e-commerce, analytics, finance
  • Investment stages: early stages
  • Ticket size: €500,000

Lighthouse Ventures is an early-stage and acceleration venture capital, focused on technology projects with global vision. The firm invests in European based startups with strong value creating operations in the Czech Republic. Lighthouse manages around €28 million of assets set for early-stage financing and accelerations.

Recent investments: Boomion, Okredo, 4Trans Factoring, Workee.

2. Credo Ventures

  • Number of investments: 94 / 10 of them in H1 2022
  • Founding Partner: Jan Habermann
  • Fund size: €100 million
  • Region: Central Europe
  • Industries: IT, Internet, and healthtech
  • Investment stages: seed to Series B
  • Ticket size: €50,000-€10 million
Active Czech VC funds-2
Jan Habermann, Founding Partner at Credo Ventures

Credo Ventures is a venture capital company focused on early-stage investments in Central Europe. The firm is looking for high-growth potential in companies with international ambitions and competence to execute and deliver. It has a total of €170 million assets under management.

Recent investments: Better Stack, The Village, MANTA, Mindgram.

3. Presto Ventures

Active Czech VC funds-3
Premysl Rubes, Founder and Managing Partner at Presto Ventures
  • Number of investments: 38 / 10 of them in H1 2022
  • Founder and Managing Partner: Premysl Rubes
  • Fund size: €30 million
  • Region: CEE region, including the Baltics, Balkans, Ukraine, and Georgia
  • Industries: B2B tech startups
  • Investment stages: pre-seed and seed
  • Ticket size: €300,000-€1.5 million

Presto Ventures is a venture capital fund based in Prague. The fund invests in B2B tech startups, supporting them with invaluable resources and guidance, and allowing them to achieve local and global success. As Presto Ventures emphasized, it is interested in quick progress of its portfolio startups, including fast learning, fast business development, and fast growth.

Recent investments: Okredo, Choice, Inventoro, Finmap.

4. Nation 1 VC

  • Number of investments: 26 / 7 of them in H1 2022
  • Founder and Managing Director: Marek Moravec
  • Fund size: €35.1 million
  • Region: Central Europe
  • Industries: fintech, insurancetech, AI, customertech, e-commerce, and traveltech
  • Investment stages: pre-seed and seed
  • Ticket size: €350,000 average initial ticket and €470,000 average follow-on ticket
Active Czech VC funds-4
Marek Moravec, Founder and Managing Director at Nation 1 VC

Nation 1 VC is a Prague-based venture capital firm focused on investing in seed-stage startups operating in the Czech Republic. The firm prefers to make minority investments in seed-stage and early-stage companies operating in the fintech, insurancetech, artificial intelligence, customertech, e-commerce, and travel sectors.

Recent investments: Hedepy, Daytrip.

5. ZAKA Startups

Active Czech VC funds-5
Slavo Tuleya, CEO at ZAKA Startups
  • Number of investments: 19 / 7 of them in H1 2022
  • CEO: Slavo Tuleya
  • Region: CEE and the Baltics
  • Industries: software, ML, AI, marketing automation, information tech
  • Investment stages: early stages
  • Ticket size: €50,000-€500,000

ZAKA Ventures is an operative private VC firm that invests on pre-seed and seed stages all across the EU with primary focus in the CEE region. It operates from Prague, Bratislava, and Berlin. According to ZAKA Ventures, it invests €3 million yearly in 10-15 companies.

Recent investments: Velaris, E-mobilio, Flexkeeping.

6. DEPO Ventures

  • Number of investments: 25 / 6 of them in H1 2022
  • Partners: Petr Sima and Michal Ciffra
  • Fund size: €2 million
  • Region: Europe with CEE and the Baltics focus
  • Industries: blockchain, e-commerce, fintech, IT, healthtech
  • Investment stages: pre-seed, seed
  • Ticket size: €100,000 in average
Active Czech VC funds-6
Petr Sima, co-founder and Partner at DEPO Ventures

Established in 2016, DEPO Ventures group manages a VC fund and an international network of angel investors called Angel Syndicate. The fund typically invests €100,000 in European tech startups with valuation that amounted up to €3 million.

Recent investments: Augmented Robotics, Kardi AI, DriveX.

7. J&T Ventures

Active Czech VC funds-7
Adam Kocik, Managing Partner at J&T Ventures
  • Number of investments: 35 / 4 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Partner: Adam Kocik
  • Fund €40 million
  • Region: CEE, the Nordics, and the Baltics
  • Industries: fintech, proptech, retail, IoT/IoE, and industry 4.0
  • Investment stages: seed, Series A
  • Ticket size: €250,000-€2.5 million

J&T Ventures is an early-stage VC fund based in Prague. The firm supports European entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey with up to €2.5 million in funding. It is active in different industries, with focus on fintech, proptech, retail, IoT/IoE, and industry 4.0. Currently, J&T has €40 million assets under management, as well as 35 investments made.

Recent investments: Choice, Sense Arena, Daytrip.

8. Tensor Ventures

  • Number of investments: 18 / 4 of them in H1 2022
  • General Partners: Martin Drdul and Roman Smola
  • Fund size:
  • Region: CEE, UK
  • Industries: AI/ML, IoT, sustainable tech, quantum computing, blockchain fintech, aerospace
  • Investment stages: seed, Series A
  • Ticket size:
Active Czech VC funds-8
Martin Drdul, Founder and General Partner at Tensor Ventures

Tensor Ventures is an invitation-only venture capital fund investing into deeptech startups. Apart from the funding, it offers direct connections to Silicon Valley and Asia VCs ecosystems, as well as support active business development of its portfolio companies on a global level.

Recent investments: Qc82, Bioo.

9. Rockaway Capital

Active Czech VC funds-9
Jakub Havrlant, Founder and CEO at Rockaway Capital
  • Number of investments: 58 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • CEO: Jakub Havrlant
  • Fund size: €25 million
  • Region: DACH, CEE
  • Industries: e-commerce, e-travel, media, fintech, blockchain
  • Investment stages: multi-stage
  • Ticket size: undisclosed

Rockaway Capital was established in 2013. It focuses on startups, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe and DACH, which digitize traditional industry and at the same time follow the principles of environmental, social, and governance. According to the firm, its team has one of the best venture capital track records in the CEE region, with an annual IRR of 46 % and €41.6 million in returned capital.

Recent investments: Campiri, DoDo.

10. KAYA

  • Number of investments: 48 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • General Partners: Martin Rajcan and Martin Rajcan
  • Fund size: €70 million
  • Region: CEE
  • Industries: software, fintech, e-commerce, SaaS, healthtech
  • Investment stages: pre-seed to Series A
  • Ticket size: €200,000-€2 million
Active Czech VC funds-10
Martin Rajcan, General Partner at KAYA

KAYA is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Prague, investing in founders across Europe since 2010. The firm supports startups that make a positive impact in addition to creating financial value in tech and tech-enabled industries. KAYA has €270 million assets under management and over 48 companies under its belt.

Recent investments: Healee, Amano, AhoyConnect, Cardiomatics.


Active Czech VC funds-11
Petr Sramek, Managing Partner at
  • Number of investments: 40+ / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Partner: Petr Sramek
  • Region: global
  • Industries: biotech, neurotech, agetech, regenerative therapies, longevity-related AI
  • Investment stages: pre-seed to Series A
  • Ticket size: undisclosed

Praha-based makes pre-seed and seed-stage investments in early-stage tech startups and spinoffs worldwide that are aimed to extend healthy human lifespan. The firm cooperates closely with scientists in the field of aging research and rejuvenation, biotechnology, bioinformatics, agetech, and related AI. Currently, is raising its second fund with a target size of $50 million.

Recent investments: Remedium Bio, MitoRx Therapeutics, Sampling Human.

12. Springtide Ventures

  • Number of investments: 19 / 3 of them in H1 2022
  • Executive Director: David Marek
  • Region: Europe and Israel
  • Industries: cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and horizontal AI/ML, blockchain
  • Investment stages: seed-Series C
  • Ticket size: $1 million-$10 million
Active Czech VC funds-12
David Marek, Executive Director at Springtide Ventures

Founded in 2014, Springtide Ventures is a venture capital arm of private multinational financial and investment group KKCG. It seeks to invest in early-stage start-ups across Europe and Israel. It typically invests $1 million-$10 million, but thanks to the multi-stage approach, the firm is ready to support successful projects by taking part in successive investment rounds well beyond this range.

Recent investments: NetOp CLD, Source Defense, OpenLoop.

13. Pale Fire Capital

Active Czech VC funds-13
Dušan Šenkypl, Partner at Pale Fire Capital

Founded in 2015, Pale Fire Capital is a Praha-based private equity investment group supporting technological innovation across multiple industries. The firm provides both financial and strategic support, including the advice services from its  in-house teams in marketing, HR, and finance. It prefers to support the startups with global ambitions, helping them to expand the international footprint.

Recent investments: Valuo Technologies, Daytrip. 

14. Impulse Ventures

  • Number of investments: 5 / 2 of them in H1 2022
  • CEO: Ondrej Tomek
  • Region: CEE
  • Industries: e-commerce, B2B, SaaS, cybersecurity
  • Investment stages: seed, Series A, and beyond
  • Ticket size: €500,000-€2 million
Active Czech VC funds-14
Ondrej Tomek, Co-fonder and CEO at Impulse Ventures

Impulse Ventures is a venture capital investor focused on seed and Series A stages for tech startups in the CEE region, but often invests in the follow-up rounds as well. The fund claims to be committed to staying with the investment for over 5 years in order to maximize the value for founders. So far, the fund exited such major tech companies like,, and in combined value exceeding €650 million.

Recent investments: Itera Technologies, Dataddo, Flangi.

15. Reflex Capital

Active Czech VC funds-15
Ondrej Fryc, Managing Partner at Reflex Capital
  • Number of investments: 39 / 1 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Partner: Ondrej Fryc
  • Region: Central Europe
  • Industries: sector agnostic
  • Investment stages: early stages
  • Ticket size: undisclosed

Founded in 2012, Reflex Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in Prague. The firm seeks to invest in early-stage companies operating in the software sectors. As the fund claims, rather than business models, personalities of the founders play a key role in its investments.

Recent investments: PPC Bee.

16. Inven Capital

  • Number of investments: 15 / 1 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Director: Petr Míkovec
  • Fund size: €50 million
  • Region: CEE
  • Industries: cleantech, smart energy, IoT
  • Investment stages: seed
  • Ticket size: €2 million-€30 million
Active Czech VC funds-16
Petr Míkovec, Managing Director at Inven Capital

Inven Capital is a venture capital fund established to invest in the European new energy sector. It seeks investments into innovative cleantech/smart energy growth-stage startups. The fund is interested in areas such as energy efficiency, distributed generation, flexibility and storage, energy, IoT, and clean transportation.

Recent investments: Zolar.

17. Y Soft Ventures

Active Czech VC funds-17
Milos Sochor, Managing Partner at Y Soft Ventures
  • Number of investments: 11 / 1 of them in H1 2022
  • Managing Partner: Milos Sochor
  • Region: CEE
  • Industries: IoT, cybersecurity, Big Data & Analytics, AR / VR
  • Investment stages: seed
  • Ticket size: €300,000-€2 million

Y Soft Ventures is a venture capital arm of Y Soft Corporation, investing in founders who build innovative B2B hardware & software startups in Central and Eastern Europe. Apart from the funding, Y Soft Ventures provides portfolio companies with the necessary resources and expertise to accelerate their path to the global markets.

Recent investments: Dronetag.