The UK-Czech logistics startup GoodVision raises €2.7M 

The Prague-founded company GoodVision that helps transport surveyors and modelers to analyze traffic data has announced closing of €2.7 million round to revolutionize digital transformations and mobility solutions. The round was led by Lead Ventures, Credo Ventures, and Sofia Angels Ventures

  • Founded in 2017 by Daniel Stofan, Lukas Hruby, GoodVision main solution is Video Insights, the B2B SaaS traffic analytics platform automating the traffic data collection from existing camera infrastructure and providing deep traffic analytics for traffic model calibration. Using Video Insights can save traffic modelers up to 95% of their time.
  • GoodVision captures traffic insights from activity on roads in the form of multipurpose digital data and allows for collaboration to obtain crucial traffic parameters fully interactively. The startup works in 80 countries across 6 continents and counts distribution channels across Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Philippines, Australia, and South Africa.
  • The fresh funding round was co-led by Hungarian Lead Ventures, that recently participated in €10 million round for customer loyalty software company Antavo, and Prague-based venture capital company Credo Ventures that closed its €75 million fourth fund in October 2022. The investors were joined by Bulgarian Sofia Angels Ventures, that was among investors for Undelucram, totaling €800,000 in three rounds.
  • GoodVision plans to spend this investment to accelerate its growth globally and to become the key traffic insights provider. To date, GoodVision has already raised a total of €3.7 million in funding.