Poland’s Scanderia Venture fund invests €25M in the GraftFlow research

Polish VC firm Scanderia Venture has made an investment of over €25 million (117 million PLN) to support the GraftFlow research and development project. The technology can help save lives in case of vessel ruptures. The majority of the funds came from BRIdge Alfa program.

  • The GraftFlow project is in development by a team of experts, like prof Pawel Buszman, PhD Piotr Buszman, and dr Piotr Hirnle. The team’s aim is to develop, manufacture, and test new generation stent grafts, coated with a polymer composite material with high biocompatibility.
  • A stent graft is a small synthetic tube that can save the lives of patients in the event of a rupture of the vessel walls. The technology is used in vascular surgery procedures, in the treatment of aneurysms, aortic dissections, or peripheral arterial drainage. It basically strengthens the vessels from inside or creates connections between them.
  • The research is made possible thanks to the investment from Scanderia Venture. It is a Bialystok-based venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed projects in areas with very high growth potential. In January 2023, the firm invested €235k in Navimed, and, earlier, provided €250k to NutriBox.
  • The funds are part of the #BRIdge Alfa program from The National Centre for Research and Development. It is also an accession to the investment agreement with Innovations For Heart And Vessels, founded by a team of medical experts.