Slovenian healthtech MESI raises €18M from SHS, a leading German investor

Ljubljana-based innovative healthtech company MESI has raised €18 million in a round led by SHS, a leading German investor in the heathtech sector. The company aims to digitize diagnostic workflows in healthcare environments, EU-Startups reports.

  • Founded in 2010, MESI is a pioneer in simplifying and digitizing diagnostic workflows from general practices to assisted care. It develops several digital products for medical assessment such as 12-lead ECG, a completely digital electrocardiogram, Primary Spirometry, Ankle-Brachial index, etc.
MESI raises €18M
Image: MESI’s products

“We are thrilled that our European and global efforts have resulted in a partnership with SHS. The aim of our innovation is to facilitate access to relevant diagnostic data. This speeds up the diagnostic process for the patient, resulting in faster treatment and prevention of adverse events. The SHS investment will allow us to continue developing new ways for healthcare professionals to predict, diagnose, and manage various conditions with greater accuracy and efficiency,”

Jakob Šušterič, CEO at MESI, comments.
  • SNS, the lead investor, is a growth to medium-size-focused investment firm with a portfolio of over 20 medtech companies ranging from cardiology to digital health. The investment in MESI shows SHS’s commitment to supporting fast-growing companies that develop products and services improving the healthtech sector.
  • Thanks to the funding, MESI will be able to expand its sales organization and the portfolio of products and services.