Poland’s Farada Group raises €225k to enhance urban drone landing safety

Warsaw-based UAV manufacturer Farada Group has raised €225,000 (PLN 1 million) in an investment round led by Green Ventures. The company will develop the DROP DRONE project, building safe landing sites in the area of ​​urban agglomerations, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2021, Farada Group is a group of developing companies whose business profiles include key aspects related to the design, production, and implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The company’s activity also covers service and support in operation, operator training, and other services connected to drones.
Farada Group
Image: Farada G1

“Research works assume the creation of a prototype platform that will be easy to assemble and will not require significant changes in the roof structure. DROP DRONE, even in difficult weather conditions, will ensure safe, stable landing of unmanned aerial vehicles, and an equally safe process of handing over shipments,”

Ślisz-Sandecka Kozioł & Partnerzy representatives commented.
  • The Green Ventures fund provided the needed financing for the project. It is a Wrocław-based venture capital fund investing in early-stage technology projects, including those in robotics, telemedicine, agritech, foodtech, sensor network, and medtech industries.
  • Ślisz-Sandecka Kozioł & Partnerzy participated in the investment process and negotiations with the fund.
  • With the fresh capital, Farada Group will develop DROP DRONE, which can ensure safe, stable landing of UAVs inside urban areas, as well as a safe way of handing over shipments.