Ukraine will have a pavilion at Gamescom 2023. S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Metro devs will be there

This year, the world’s largest gaming conference Gamescom will have a Ukrainian pavilion for the very first time. Its participants will include well-known Ukrainian game studios, as well as startups and indie developers. The conference will take place on August 23, but the selection of applications for the Ukrainian pavilion is still ongoing.

What will the pavilion look like?

The Ukrainian pavilion at Gamescom will be located on a 100 m2 area in the business zone of Hall 3.2 (C-050g, D-051g). It will look like this:

Gamescom Games from Ukraine
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The purpose of the Ukrainian pavilion is to present the high level of achievements of the Ukrainian gaming industry, demonstrate innovative domestic developments, support the image of Ukraine, and attract specialized investments in the industry from international partners.

The Ukrainian pavilion was organized by the VG Entertainment studio, the Games Gathering conference, and the GDBAY platform. AIN.Capital was informed, that participants will be provided with tickets to the conference and promotional items at the event.

“The idea of a Ukrainian pavilion has been around for a long time. We wanted to do it last year, but we didn’t have time because everyone had huge problems due to the war,” the CEO and co-founder of Games Gathering told AIN.Capital. “I think there will be more than 100 participants from 20+ different Ukrainian companies. Fortunately, Gamescom provided us with 100 square meters of space for free, however we had to pay for the pavilion.

We hope that this is the beginning of a good tradition, and every year the Ukrainian pavilion at Gamescom will be bigger both in terms of area and number of companies.”

Who will represent Ukraine at Gamescom?

The list of companies that have already announced their participation:

Why it is important?

GamesCom is one of the world’s largest gaming and pop culture conferences, held annually in Cologne, Germany. In 2019, it was attended by a record 373,000 people from 56 countries. It is considered to be the largest in terms of the number of visitors and expositions. Presenting your projects there is a пкуфе opportunity for the Ukrainian devs to gather contacts of potential partners, promote their product, and enter the global market.