SPINAKER alfa invests in Swepee, a Polish robotics company

Sweepee, a Poland-based robotics company, has joined SPINAKER alfa’s group of portfolio companies. The startup develops an autonomous sweeping robot capable of navigating in an environment of various characteristics and planning its own activities, MamStartup reports.

  • Sweepee was founded by a team who have several years of experience in the field of mobile robotics, in particular vision techniques, 3D perception, robotic navigation, robot route planning, and machine learning models.
  • The company’s flagship product is a prototype of an autonomous sweeping robot, which can navigate in difficult environments, classify various objects on the floor. It also has intelligent condition diagnostics, and can be able to plan its activities on its own, resulting in cleaning the entire floor surface.
SPINAKER alfa invests in Sweepee
Image: Sweepee

“The experience and strong competence of the team are an undoubted asset for the company and will aid in the implementation of the project. At the same time, with the increasing robotization of cleaning activities in commercial and industrial areas, we can expect dynamic growth of the market value,”

Tomasz Marczuk, Member of the Management Board of Spinaker alfa fund, comments.
  • SPINAKER alfa is the main investor in the company. It is a Lodz-based seed capital fund focused on early stage projects. Currently, the firm is partnered by National Centre for Research and Development as a part of BRIdge Alfa program, providing VC financing for R&D projects, innovative SMEs.
  • Sweepee will use the fresh funds to fully develop and launch the first prototype of its autonomous cleaning robot.