OAG acquires Infare, the leading provider of competitor air travel data in Lithuania

World’s leading data platform for the travel industry OAG has acquired Infare, a provider of competitor air travel data. Through the acquisition, the British company is set to increase its footprint in Lithuania, where both businesses operated for years.

  • Founded in 2000, Infare is a leading provider of competitor air travel data that empowers airlines to make effective pricing decisions. The company was first established in Copenhagen, but the majority of its development, 70-strong team, is located in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • OAG saw Infare’s airfare intelligence as a highly complementary addition to the company’s existing flight data solutions.

“We are incredibly proud of the role our Vilnius office has played in supporting the growth of Infare. The acquisition by OAG opens up new possibilities for us to scale up and provide unparalleled air travel intelligence to our customers worldwide,”

Nils Gelbjerg-Hansen, CEO of Infare, comments.
  • OAG, the leading data platform for the global travel industry since 1929, is headquartered in the UK and also has a strong presence in Kaunas, Lithuania, with 60 employees. OAG states that the talent in Lithuania has been instrumental in OAG’s growth.
  • Now, with two key bases in Lithuania, the country will host over a third of OAG’s global team, serving as dual hubs for technology and data expertise.