Croatian financial consulting company BE-ON receives €700K from Feelsgood

Zagreb-based startup BE-ON, an advisory firm specialised in consulting services for individuals, has received €700,000 from local venture capital fund Feelsgood. In total, Feelsgood invested €1.3 million in BE-ON, based on an investment deal signed in December 2021.

  • Co-founded in 2017 by Sabine Gradistanac Skrgatic and Igor Skrgatic, offers consulting services for individuals with blocked banking accounts and also acts as a credit mediator. The startup claims it already helped 260 individuals to financially recover and provided consultancy services to 10,000 Croatian citizens.
  • The lead investor in this round is Feelsgood, the Croatian venture capital fund for investments with social effect. It has an investment capital portfolio of €30 million. In March 2023, it co-led €2 million round for Croatian GameBoost.
  • The fresh round is part of a €1.3 million investment deal signed in December 2021, by which Feelsgood decided to contribute to solving the real problems of Croatian society. BE-ON aims to increase the social inclusion of enforcement debtors by providing financial consulting.