Polish startup MediSensonic secures €716k through Series D share issue

Poland-based innovative medtech startup MediSensonic has secured approximately €716,000 (PLN 3.3 million) through the issue of Series D shares, after its pre-money valuation reached around €9.8 million (PLN 45 million), Strefa Inwestorow reports.

  • Founded in 2018, MediSensonic is an innovative technology company in the medtech area, specializing in medical and technological solutions. Currently, the company’s pipeline includes several projects.
  • Glucowave is one of such solutions. It is world’s first fully non-invasive device for glucose monitoring. Also, the company is working on the MPVT (Microwave Pulp Vitality Tester) project, a non-invasive microwave tooth pulp tester.

“I am proud that MediSensonic’s vision for development and chosen business model are garnering the interest of leading representatives of the capital market. During the last issue of series D shares, Venture Capital and Family Office funds became involved in our company. I believe that correctly selected shareholder structure will help us build on the company’s value, which will attract investors and achieve a stable position on the global medtech market,”

Robert Gromada, President of the Management Board at MediSensonic, comments.
  • Unfortunately, the company has not yet disclosed the names or other details about the investors.
  • MediSensonic plans further scaling through entering the NewConnect market, which is planned for the first half of 2024.