Founders of Ukrainian legal-tech Axdraft start a new generative AI service — AiSDR

The brothers Yuriy and Oleg Zaremba, who founded the legal-tech startup Axdraft in 2017, have announced that they are leaving the company and launching a new project, AiSDR. As Yuriy Zaremba said in his post, AISDR is a service for sales automation using generative artificial intelligence.

About the AISDR


AiSDR automates sales prospecting using generative artificial intelligence to write and send emails to prospects.

AiSDR will cost significantly less than a full-time sales development representative but will work with your leads 24/7. The system will:

  • create personalized email campaigns for each prospect
  • send personalized follow-ups to prospects
  • keep corresponding and engaging prospects to make an appointment with you.

According to the founders, this will help companies expand their reach without increasing headcount while giving them the freedom to experiment with campaigns before hiring their first SDR.

After only two months, AiSDR has already got 24 clients. The response rate to automated emails is similar to the industry’s rates for emails written by humans.

About the founders

Brothers Yuriy and Oleg Zaremba. Photo: Yuriy Zaremba

In 2017, brothers Yuriy and Oleg Zaremba founded Axdraft, a legal document automation startup. In April 2019, AxDraft closed a $1.1 million funding round. During the round, the project was valued at $10 million.

In December 2020, the international LegalTech company Onit acquired AXDRAFT. After the sale, Yuriy Zaremba remained at the startup as Managing Director. However, the brothers have now left the startup to start a new project.