Four Ukrainians entered the TIME 100 Next global ranking

The new TIME 100 Next ranking has included four Ukrainian women. One of them is Anastasia Volkova, the founder of Regrow, an eco-friendly agricultural startup.

TIME 100 Next Anastasia Volkova
Anastasia Volkova. Photo: TIME
  • Apart from Anastasia, this year’s ranking includes:
    • The First Vice Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy of Ukraine — Yulia Svyrydenko.
    • Ukrainian civic activist and executive director of the Kyiv Anti-Corruption Action Center — Daria Kaleniuk.
    • Military medic, founder of the Hospitallers battalion, veteran and MP — Yana Zinkevych.
  • TIME 100 Next annually recognizes 100 emerging leaders who are shaping the future in business, entertainment, sports, politics, healthcare, science, activism, and many other fields. Each year, the list highlights showbiz stars, scientists, politicians, and government officials from around the world who are already changing the world and shaping our future.
  • Yulia Svyrydenko was nominated in the category “leaders”, Yana Zinkevich and Daria Kaleniuk as “activists”, and Anastasia Volkova as “innovator”.
  • Anastasiia Volkova is the founder of Regrow (formerly Flurosat), a startup that provides technological services to agricultural businesses around the world. In 2020, Anastasia was included in another global ranking — the BBC’s Top 100 Most Influential and Inspirational Women in the World.
  • Regrow analyzes satellite images of fields, and drone photos, applies artificial intelligence technologies, and, based on the information received, advises farmers on how best to handle their crops to minimize harmful effects on the environment. The company currently monitors 1.2 billion acres of land.
  • Last year, three Ukrainians were included in the TIME100 Next ranking: scientist Maryna Viazovska, the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, and the Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov.