Ukrainian edtech startup Skillsetter is acquired by European company

Vlad Yakupov, the founder of Skillsetter, informed AIN.Capital that he sold his business about 9 months ago. The name of the buyer is not disclosed, but it’s known that it is a leading European education company.

Now skillsetter is a separate company that will be developed and managed by one of the best edtech players.

  • Yakupov did not disclose the deal details of the exit, because of the NDA. Earlier, the company secured $262,000 in investments.
  • Skillsetter project was launched in 2020. After the full-scale war against Ukraine started, the company began to have problems. As Yakupov told AIN.Capital, the team had to be reduced, and he even thought to close the company. However, the project was saved after reviewing almost all stages of its work.

“I will be frank. For me, this experience was as Elon said in an interview: like chewing glass while looking into the abyss.”