SoftServe launches Gen AI Lab. Looks for Data Scientists in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania

One of the biggest technology companies in Ukraine SoftServe is launching the Generative AI Lab, a research direction where a team of specialists will experiment and develop tech solutions based on GenAI, the company informed AIN.Capital.

For the project, SoftServe is looking for Data Science specialists in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Colombia, Spain, and Chile.

  • The aim of the lab is to accelerate the implementation of disruptive AI technology through the adoption of GenAI in various fields and industries, helping businesses solve specific problems and implement innovations in the real world. It also aims to expand the company’s expertise in machine learning and multimodal AI.

“Unlike other areas, GenAi stands out with its novelty and emerged properties unveiling not just technological innovations, but also groundbreaking use cases that may redefine business strategies. The pace of innovation here is staggering, ofter overwhelming business with new advancements released weekly. This is where the Gen Ai Lab shines. It’s not just a hub for rapid experimentation, value discovery, and solution engineering with the latest techniques and technologies. It’s a conduit for channeling this explosive innovation directly to our clients”.

Alex Chubay, CTO, SoftServe, says.
  • Within the Gen AI Lab, SoftServe will work in the following key areas:
    • research and validation of generative AI applications (AI Discovery),
    • experiments and testing of AI on specific business cases (AI Launchpad),
    • rapid scaling and industrialization of AI (AI Adoption).
  • As part of the work in the Gen AI Lab, SoftServe specialists will use tools and technology platforms in partnership with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and NVIDIA.

SoftServe is always at the forefront of tech progress. Today, GenAI is a truly breakthrough technology that has the potential to radically transform both the technology sector and open new horizons in many industries. In our lab, we analyze and adapt this technology in depth, exploring its capabilities in software and Big Data processing for specific business areas and industries. That’s why we invite specialists who want to work on the latest technologies from the idea to the actual implementation of innovations, opening up new opportunities for our clients and partners,”

Yurii Milovanov, AVP AI & Data Science, SoftServe, comments.

About SoftServe

SoftServe is the largest global IT company founded in 1993 in Lviv by Ukrainians Taras Kytsmey and Yaroslav Lubinets. The company provides software development and consulting services. More than 12,000 employees work in more than 50 offices located from San Francisco to Singapore. The company’s headquarters are located in Lviv and Austin (USA). SoftServe’s clients include IBM, Cisco, Panasonic, Cloudera, Henry Schein, Spillman Technologies, and others.