Romanian startup secures seed round led by Helvetia Venture Fund

Bucharest-based Device-on-Demand service has secured a seed investment round to revolutionize device ownership and insurance. Helvetia Venture Fund led the round, joined by Autonom and The Mavers, the Recursive reports.

  • Founded in 2020 by Liviu Huluta, develops a service platform that allows companies to rent devices (laptops, phones, tablets) that can be easily managed, repaired, exchanged, or returned. It also offers integrated insurance within devices. This model enables heightened efficiency, environmental sustainability, and agility for companies.

“Integrated insurance has multiple benefits for our value proposition to clients. It not only extends the lifespan of devices through proper maintenance but also lowers the total cost of ownership. By bundling insurance, we eliminate the high cost of acquiring insurance and mitigate adverse selection risk, resulting in cost savings for clients,”

Liviu Huluță, CEO and co-founder of, comments.
  • The company did not disclose the amount of the deal. However, the recent capital helped hit the €6 million mark in total funding.
  • Helvetia Venture Fund provided the majority of the funding. It is a Swiss insurtech-focused fund that has already invested in 25 startups to the tune of €50 million. The round was also joined by circular economy player Autonom and The Mavers, a proptech startup, among others.
  • will spend the fresh capital on increasing its presence in Western Europe and solidifying its position in Central and Eastern Europe.